Nowadays, if you compare the games from the 1990′s against the games today, one would easily agree that the 90′s games were a lot harder and requires gamers to use their brains. In this day and age, games are a lot easier with help from in-game purchases. But there are still games out there that can bring out the best in every gamer. If you want to know what these games are, read on!


Call of Duty: World at War is easily one of the most infuriating and difficult games of this generation. While the campaign in “standard” difficulty seems to be like a walk in the park, but when you turn the difficulty to “Veteran”, that’s when the most nerve wracking part begins.

It seems that the developers have tweaked the Veteran difficulty because the enemies keep throwing grenades frequently. You will have to be prepared every time for grenades being thrown towards you, so you can run on time to save your life.


Lost Planet is one of the most breathtaking shooter games of its generation, coming with great weapons, great storyline and giant enemies. However, the multiplayer mode is lacking, so if you play this game you should stick to the single player mode. You’ll enjoy playing this game in normal difficulty campaign, but if you switch to the hard difficulty, it will make you frustrated.

In every boss battle, you will have to defeat a giant monster or some powerful and dangerous mech.


Dead Space was a somehow a “scary” game but didn’t offer us many challenges. However, Dead Space 2 came with less horror scenes, but more “deadly” ones.

The final boss will make your life a living hell, and we assure you that you will struggle to defeat it.

After you will unlock the hardest difficulty of the game, named Zealot, that’s when the “awesome” part comes, when enemies will take you down with just a few hits. In “Zealot” difficulty mode you are allowed to save the game only 3 times, making it very hard to finish the game at this level.


Guide To Super-Hard Old Nintendo Games

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

The point of this game is to become the best boxer that’s ever been. It’s also one of the top two or three NES games ever (competing only with Tecmo Super Bowl and Super Mario Bros. 3). It’s basically perfect. And basically impossible. Even if you somehow managed to make it to Final Boss Level Mike Tyson, he knocked you out with one punch, because someone in the Nintendo Boxing Association or whatever didn’t bother to set up weight divisions.

Zelda II: The Adventures of Link

After the incredible success of Link’s debut in The Legend of Zelda, gamers could not wait to get their grubby little hands on the sequel. When the game finally hit North American shores in 1988, Nintendo fans were greeted with a great big slap in the face.

Their beloved top-down Zelda had been turned into a side scrolling hack ‘n’ slash RPG that not only had you dealing with Ganon’s horde of enemies, but some brutal platforming as well. Any kid who even dared step into the land of Hyrule in Zelda II was asking for trouble. While you graciously are given three lives to beat the game, you will burn through them in a snap. Your reward for dying three times is a trip all the way back to the beginning of the game.

Still not scared? How about the fact that each time you kick the bucket in Zelda II you lose all of your hard-earned experience points. While the game still maintains the timeless music and exploration that makes all of Link’s adventures so good, the puzzle solving and charm are lacking here. Apologies to Zelda, but no princess is hot enough to be worth this much frustration to rescue.


When you are the game responsible for popularizing cheat codes in home consoles, it should be a major warning right off the bat. Sure, anybody can take on Contra with a buddy and the famous Konami 30 lives code activated, but the truly insane option is to battle Red Falcon and his alien army solo — with no safety net.

Getting through the action-packed eight levels of Contra on only three lives is the ultimate test of a gamer’s merit. If the one-hit kills don’t take you down, then the moving game screen most defiantly will. Cooperative action in Gears of War looks like a walk in the park when matched up with the death trap that is Contr